I have done Chap-1-2 but need to improve also
Long Time Work and Based on Sup-erv-sior feedback
– Improve chap:1-2 based on super-visor comments
– Do chap-3-5
– Do revision when required
– APA Format
– Double Space
– Words/Pages depends on writer
Brief idea of the paper:
Purpose: Knowing the factors influencing customer intention to buy online content services has become an important problem for the specialist with the rise in demand of the on-line content service industry, online content is as necessary as promoting the commodity. In graphic pictures of information, the internet provides access to all the needs of life. All accessible on the internet are online distance stu-dies, webinars, soc-ial me-dia marketing or post, twee-ting, tourism visiting packages, tracking, product adv-ertising, on-line order services, grocery store, gift shop, online trading or buying electr-onic goods, consumer services, digit-al news, hotel room booking, or whatever you like. Intern-et user-s come into the virt-ual market-place after revi-ewing the online com-ments, name of the brand (elect-ronic word of m-outh), or trust on the web-sites and then decide to purchase. These factors help the users to convert into on-line purchasing in the virtual platforms. This study helps the content creators or digital mar-keters to understand the importance of on-line content in soc-ial me-dia platforms and also helps those who wish to sell their services on virt-ual platforms.
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