mass communication

Create an engaging introduction to your presentation that includes a concise thesis. You should remember who your audience is and attempt to appeal to them directly within this introduction.
  Incorporate appropriate terms and concepts from the course materials throughout your presentation. Your use of these will demonstrate your comprehension and ability to incorporate them fittingly.
ï‚· Describe ways in which media reflects a culture, providing evidence to effectively support your discussion.
ï‚· Describe ways in which media creates a culture, providing evidence to effectively support your discussion.Â
ï‚· Include a clear and purposeful graph or visual.Â
ï‚· Create a conclusion that solidifies your findings and arguments, identifying how they fit with past, current, and future trends.Â
ï‚· Present your research in an effective and engaging manner, geared towards your intended audience.Â
ï‚· Effectively use visual content geared towards your intended audience.
ï‚· Speaker Notes: provide speaker notes that further explicate the terms and concepts you integrated from the course materials. Your speaker notes should also contain the bulk of the information you would give your audience verballyÂ
Guidelines for Submission: Submit your rough draft as a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of 8 to 12 slides with speaker notes and cover and reference slides (APA format).”
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