Marketing Report Preparation

individual report (3500 words) on a specific company situation. You must choose one of the following companies – Morrison’s Supermarkets, Nissan, ASOS or The Body Shop. It will require the application of skills and learning implemented in the module and simulate the type of management tasks that are required in commerce. The application of theory to a live company situation will enhance students’ understanding of marketing strategy in a dynamic environment. The tasks are identical to the type of report that is needed in a commercial organisation. Your report should cover the following: 1. What is the current market situation (you may choose to consider aspects of a PEST analysis but should not attempt to cover all the criteria) Age and nature of the market Number, size and changes in the competition Current trends in the market place, or factors affecting or likely to affect the market? 2. What is the current brand strategy (DO NOT USE A SWOT) What is your chosen brands current position What is your brands current target market(s) What is your brands current marketing strategy 3. Identify and justify two strategies for achieving growth or maintaining competitive advantage. At least one strategy should address growth, so you may need to consider diversification. However, for mature products in saturated or stable markets one of your strategies can be to maintain competitive advantage or to achieve incremental growth.

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