marketing plan

Most business organizations are experiencing lower sales and growth because of environmental
and economic disruption in 2021 in Malaysia and globally. You are to select a local or multinational company of your choice in the Food & Beverage Industry. (Any brands in the food,
restaurant, café, fast-food business). You are to perform a marketing plan (for year 2021) for the
particular company on how they could revive sales. Briefly discuss each stage of marketing
planning process, which a chosen company would cover when developing a strategic marketing
plan (starting from data collection and finishing with implementation of findings). You
should use at least 30 references from various reliable sources (annual reports, industry reports,
journals, web reports and etc.).
Your marketing plan should include the following:
Part 1
1. Identify the mission statement of the organisation.
2. Identify the corporate objectives of the organisation.
3. Marketing Audit – Clear description and analysis of the business (BCG, PLC, Strategic
Position), analysis of the environment within which the business must operate (the use
of external and internal analysis such as PESTEL, SWOT – TOWS analysis, Porter 5 Forces
& Competitor Analysis, and market position.
Part 2
4. Segmentation – unique selling point, target audience (Demo, Lifestyle), differentiation,
positioning map, slogan, mascot.
5. Marketing objectives proposed (Must always be SMART)
6. The marketing strategy adopted with justifications (Ansoff, Porters Generic Strategy)
Part 3
7. Justified marketing mix including detailed marketing communications plan (4 P’s)
8. Implementation – Budget, Timeline, Responsibilities (use excel format to present)
9. Evaluation of Promotion Mix Tools proposed for year 2021.
10. Contingency plan (at least 2 possible scenarios must be considered in detail)
Word Count(2500 words +/- 10%)
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