marketing communication

  • Explain the marketing communication process and the role of integrated marketing communications  Propose an effective and efficient marketing communication mix
    Present a marketing communication plan to achieve clearly specified objectives
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    Marketing communication mix
    Marketing communication plan
    This is an individual assignment and the assignment represents 60% of the total marks for this module.
    You are a Marketing Manager for an organisation in Malaysia. You have been assigned to devise an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan with an allocated budget of RM2 million for a marketing communication campaign to promote a new product or service that the company is planning to launch towards the end of the year of 2021.
    The organisation and product chosen must be from either ONE of the following industries:
    1) Personal care and beauty
    2) Information Technology (IT)
    3) Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
    4) Automobile
    5) Services
    Your IMC plan for the above product or service should include the following:
    The background of the company and the profile of the product that you are going to introduce to the market in Malaysia.
    Situational Analysis
    Analyse and evaluate the organisation’s internal and external environment. You are expected to perform an environmental analysis and competitive analysis by using market and company information (e.g. annual reports, sales, market share, etc).
    Target Market & Positioning
    Identify the most appropriate market segment (or target audience) in which to promote the product and describe the target market profile. Provide reasons for the selection. Justify the value proposition for your target market.
    Marketing Objectives and IMC Objectives
    Provide at least THREE (3) relevant objectives that meet the SMART criteria. Differentiate clearly the marketing objectives and IMC objectives.
    IMC Mix
    A minimum of four (4) IMC tools must be used with relevant justification.
    Budgeting and Scheduling & Justification
    A schedule involving the different types of IMC tools used should be presented in the plan with relevant justification.
    Evaluation and Control & justification of the evaluation criteria and control strategies used
    The evaluation and control activities used to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan should be presented.
    Referencing and Citation
    Usage of appropriate citation and reference according to Harvard Referencing Style.
    marketing communication
    The assignment must adhere to the academic documentation standards:
    Usage of appropriate citation and reference according to the Harvard Referencing Style in order to avoid plagiarism.
    Font type; Times New Roman. Font size; 12 pts.
    Vertical / line spacing; 1.5-line spacing.
    Use your own words to convince your understanding of the topic discussed instead of “cutting and pasting”. The total word count should be 80% derived from your own ideas in elaborating the detailed discussion.
    Referring to or similar sites as a source is not permitted.
    Diagrams, figures, tables etc. may be included without word penalty.
    A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded.
    For limit excess:
    Point to note: maximum penalty for exceeding the word limit will be a reduction to a passing grade.
    Cover Page
    The assignment cover page should contain information as stated below in order:
    A.P.U Logo
    Module Name and Code
    Assignment Title
    Assignment Descriptions (Individual Assignment)
    Intake Number
    Hand out and Hand in dates
    Lecturer’s Name
    Word Count

marketing communication

Table of Contents
The table of contents should follow the title page. It must list the Roman numeral sections and the page on which each section starts. The table of contents may be more than one page long. The table of contents page(s) does not have to be numbered.
IMKTC1 (BM065-3-2) Individual Assignment Page 4 of 5
Level 2 Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation 052021
Body of the written entry
The body of the written entry begins with an Introduction and continues in the sequence outlined above. The first page of the body is numbered 1 and all following pages are numbered in sequence. The numbered pages continue through references.
All the references used in the assignment should be given on this page and must be in Harvard Referencing style.
Appendices are optional. Include in the appendix any exhibit appropriate to the written entry but not important enough to include in the body; these might include sample questionnaires used, newspaper articles, general background data, etc.

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