Marketing Management & Strategy

• Use Microsoft word (Font size 12 and double spaced).
• Use your own words and your writing style.
• Please use examples to help explain your answers.
• Cite any references you may use.
• Revise spelling and grammar.
• Writing clarity, consistency, and quality
• Covering the related concepts and developing logical and reasoning discussion/analysis
• Quality of supporting examples/evidence
A) Read the following article on cashless payments in small businesses and answer the below question.
1) Lets say you are a small business owner. You decide to go fully cash-less. Now you have to deal with convincing your customers that cash-less is the best way for them. From a strategic marketing standpoint, how would you go about it? Think in terms of Relative Advantage, Compatibility, Complexity,
Divisibility, and Communicability.
B) Read the following article and answer the following question:
If this technology is implemented in Saudi, how will consumer spending change?
1) Which segment do you expect to be early adaptors and which segment will be lagging adaptors?
2) Explain how you would you utilize the early adaptors and how you would approach or deal with the lagging adaptors.
C) Read the following article and answer the question below:
This article talks about how Canada Goose is increasing its product offerings.
1) Based on their new offerings and also based on their current offerings (check their website) create a product line map for this brand.
2) Will the positioning of the brand “Canada Goose” be affected in any way if it expands its product offerings? Please explain how it will change or why it will not change.
D) Pricing is an important factor in consumer decision making. Additionally, comparative shopping (especially with regards to pricing) has become increasingly popular. Which pricing strategy would you recommend in order to make the comparative shopping consumer engage in fruitless?
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