Marketing and Communication:module Crisis Management

Course Name
Diploma of Marketing and Communication
Subject/module Crisis Management
Assessment method Written or Oral Questions
Weighting 50%
Unit of Competency
Develop and Implement Crisis Management Plans
1. Assessments should be completed as per your trainer’s instructions.
2. Assessments must be submitted by the due date to avoid a late
submission penalty.
3. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work and submitting it as your
own. You must write your answers in your own words and include a
reference list. A mark of zero will be given for any assessment or part of
an assessment that has been plagiarised.
4. You may discuss your assessments with other students, but submitting
identical answers to other students will result in a failing grade. Your
answers must be yours alone.
5. Your trainer will advise whether the assessment should be digitally
uploaded or submitted in hard copy. Assessments that are digitally
uploaded should be saved in pdf format.
6. You must attempt all questions.
7. You must pass all assessments in order to pass the subject.
8. All assessments are to be completed in accordance with WHS regulatory
Assessment 2
Written or Oral Questions
1. Scenarios:
a. In 2009/2010, due to faulty accelerators of their brand of vehicle, Toyota had to
recall nine million vehicles.
b. In 2015, a sandwich shop owner In Marrickville, offered free sandwiches via a
Facebook page for members of a closed group only. The deal was reported by a
widely read food blog as one open to all Sydneysiders.
For each of the above case studies, answer in detail the following questions
(60 marks max)
a. How urgent would this crisis be? (5 marks per scenario – max 10 marks)
b. How serious would this crisis be? (5 marks per scenario – max 10 marks)
c. What would happen if the organisation did not respond?
(5 marks per scenario – max 10 marks)
d. What effects would it have e.g. on people, the organisation and/or the
environment? (5 marks per scenario – max 10 marks)
e. How can we correct this problem? (5 marks per scenario – max 10 marks)
f. How can we prevent this from re-occurring?
(5 marks per scenario – max 10 marks)
2. As a Public relations consultant either within an organisation or working for
a client, how might you engage in a conversation with a group of relevant
employees to check that they understand the crisis management plan.
Discuss how you would use listening and questioning techniques to clarify
information and confirm understanding. (10 marks)
3. Describe a legal or regulatory responsibility you have when developing crisis
management plans and how you comply with it. (5 marks)
4. Find an example of how to select the appropriate form, channel and mode of
communication for a specific public relations purpose . Give your reasons for
your choices. (5 marks)
5. Give an example of a time when you have achieved one of the following:
a. Organised and implemented tasks required to achieve required
outcomes, with an awareness of how the outcomes contribute to the
organisation’s goals (5 marks)
b. Used analytical processes to decide on appropriate approach to crisis
management (5 marks).
6. Explain the Privacy Laws in Australia and how it affects crisis management
and in one or two sentences describe one standard that affects crisis
management (5 marks)
7. Explain how managing the media is important to a crisis management plan
(5 marks)
Assessment 2 total: 100 marks
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