Managing Public Values and Culture  Assignment help

Topic- Managing Public Values and Culture 
Literature Review Instructions- Conducting literature reviews offers students to assess the current state of research on topics that need further studies as a steppingstone. It also gives students the credibility to conduct their studies in the field. Find an empirical article that discusses Managing Public Values and Culture topics. The article should be published within the last five years across the various major scholarly journals. Write a one- to two-page(1000-1500 word) critique on each article (single-spaced, 12-font of Times New Roman, one-inch margins, APA style). A literature review is not a simple descriptive summary of each article. It should: • briefly summarize the main arguments of the article. • discuss the critical aspects of research questions, methodology, and findings. • demonstrate your counter-arguments about weak standpoints, flaws, or gaps in the article. You also need to prepare a 5-minute presentation(6-7 slides) about your review. In the presentation, include the summary and keep it brief and then focus on your critiques and arguments.
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