Managerial Accounting

College of Business and Administration
ACC 520: Managerial Accounting
Project 2020
In the traditional business environment, management accounting process and the role of management accountants therein emphasised on cost control and cost reduction. However, in the era of globalisation where companies have to compete for survival in the global market environment, management accounting process and the role of management accountants have assumed a new and modern strategic dimension.
Critically examine the above statement by tracing management accounting process and the role of management accountants from the traditional business environment to the necessity for change to meet the requirement of survival in the modern global business environment.
Coursework Guidance
In looking at accounting’s role in relation to strategy, the firm and its management accountants should look beyond the firm itself and its cost structures to competitor firms and customer demand, not only in the immediate environment but, in principle, including all potential competitors and potential customers over the long-term decision horizon. The immediate ‘traditional’ battle to fight to control costs internally must, of course, not be lost sight of, but managements’ – and their accountants’ –eyes must also be scanning the wider horizons, present and future, and using modern management accounting strategies and techniques to collect and process information in a number of forms.
This assignment must be submitted at 12.00 pm, 20 November, 2020.
All assignments must be word processed and marks will be given for good presentation. Poor presentation and poor use of the English language are not marker-friendly and you will lose marks. The length of this piece of work should be between 2000-2500 words, but it is quality and not quantity that counts.
You should start work on the assignment as soon as possible. Plagiarism is “to steal from the writings or ideas of another”, it is copying or presenting material from someone else’s work in your own written coursework without citation or any indication that the material is a quotation (that is, someone else’s words from books, newspapers, journals and other printed sources).
You may well be using the Internet as a resource for your work, but you must always reference the sites you use. Be very careful when you download materials from the Internet: you must either quote material if you use it directly, or put the substance in your own words. Copying from the work of another student, or getting another student to write something which you hand in as your own work, is also plagiarism and is subject to the same penalties as the unacknowledged use of printed sources. Remember this is an individual piece of work and plagiarism will be dealt with severely. You can find details of Queen Mary’s assessment offences regulations online:
This is a research-based assignment and as far as possible you should refer to appropriate books, professional journals and academic journals. All sources of information should be fully cited in a bibliography.
Academic accounting journals that you might find useful:
• AOS – Accounting, Organisations and Society
• AAAJ – Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
• CPA – Critical Perspectives on Accounting
• EAR – European Accounting Review
Professional Journals:
• Economia
• Accounting and Business
• Financial Management
A list of all the references used should be included at the end of your work in your bibliography in alphabetical order.
1. References appear in the body of the text as follows:
“The earliest professional accountancy bodies have their roots in late nineteenth century Britain and this model of professionalisation has been replicated, with mutations (Chua and Poullaos, 1998), in many other countries at various times.”
2. At the end of the text you will have a bibliography. Journal references should be cited in the bibliography, in alphabetical order, as follows:
And book references should be cited in the bibliography as follows:
Gray,R.H., Owen, D. and Maunders, K. (2010). Corporate Social Reporting. London: Prentice Hall.
Other notes
• Your answer must be in essay form, making suitable use of sub-headings
• You must include a word count at the end
• Font size 12 (either Times Roman or Arial)
• Use paragraphs appropriately
• The coursework must be typed and double-spaced
• Do not rely solely on the internet for research
• Ensure that you answer the question – all parts of it
• Take care with presentation
• Insert page numbers
• You should not put your name on the coursework – other than on the front sheet
• Pay attention to spelling and grammar
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