Making your research question

  1. What is the topic that you are interested in? (Any social issue or an issue relating to health and social care should be fine) Which country you would like to focus on?

      2. Choose a social group (a group of people) – e.g. older people, young people, teenagers, women, men, people of working age, long-term unemployed, disabled people, children with special educational needs, refugees, asylum seekers, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, etc.. You can choose a specific group of people who fall into two or more categories (e.g. unaccompanied asylum seeking children, older people living in care homes, women in employment, black young people, etc.).

  1. Start making a ‘How’ or ‘Why’ question using the topic and your social group. If you make a ‘What’ question, do NOT formulate descriptive questions that can be easily answered or simply answered (e.g. What is the prevalence of X?, What policies are there for Y?).


  1. Choose a theory that is linked to your topic and/or question


  1. Check your research question & Choose your method

Your topic and social group become your search terms. Find academic sources (especially journal articles) that deal with your topic and your social group and see what other people’s studies focused on and which theories they used. You must ensure that there is enough information in the literature to answer your question.  Since you are doing secondary research, there must be primary research which is directly related to your research question. You can start searching for relevant articles early, straight after choosing your topic.
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