main paper re-sit writing assignment: “Liberalization” of network industries in the EU

Main paper re-sit writing assignment: “Liberalization” of network industries in the EU
The situation:
Until the 1980s, many network industries, such as the telecommunications, electricity, gas, and rail transportation industries, in the EU were mostly organized as vertically integrated state monopolies. In the decades since then, these industries have undergone drastic changes, often subsumed under the label “liberalization”, although, as you will find out, this term does not capture all the developments.
Your writing assignment:
Your paper should contain several elements, not necessarily in this order. Explain what characterizes a network industry and why these are natural monopolies. Briefly describe the situation before “liberalization”, for example, a specific industry in a particular country. Explain which ideas led many policy makers to support “liberalization”; what did they hope to achieve? Describe which types of changes were implemented. Finally, present some evidence on the effects of the changes (here, you are free to choose which industry, country, or metric to focus on).
Suggested resources:
First and foremost, it is important that you do not self-plagiarise by including text from your Main Paper. You must start this paper afresh, although you can use the same resources again if applicable. There is a wealth of information available on the privatization, liberalization, and vertical disintegration of network industries in the EU. We expect you to consult at least five academic references, in addition to those suggested below. You may consult more. Academic articles may
include research articles and similar studies produced by research institutes and university economics departments. They do not include newspaper articles or material from unreliable sources.
A good starting point into the topic is section 1 of:
Hellwig, M. (2008). Competition Policy and Sector-Specific Regulation for Network Industries. Preprints of the Max Planck Institute on Collective Goods Bonn 2008/29
Retrieved from:
An overview over the developments is given in:
Geradin, D. (2006). Twenty Years of Liberalization of Network Industries in the European Union: Where Do We Go Now? Mimeo
Experiences from different EU countries can be found in the following book, for example, which is available as e-book at the UM library:
Köthenbürger Marko, Sinn, H.-W., & Whalley, J. (2006). Privatization experiences in the European Union. MIT Press.
Given the policy relevance of the topic, many institutions (World Bank, EU etc.) have also written reports on this topic. You will also find many accounts that focus on a specific sector. It could also be interesting to talk to your parents for a first-hand account of the time before network industries were liberalized…
Assignment Criteria:
Failure to include any or all of the following will result in an automatic fail:
 A clearly identifiable purpose statement in your introduction
 A separate outline of the structure of your paper, also to be provided in the introduction
 An effective and sufficient conclusion
 Adherence to APA 7th edition citations and referencing style
Structure: clear ‘purpose statement’ and outline; ensure that the organization and structure of your paper follows logically from your purpose statement.
Content: relevant economic aspects organized logically and coherently; reference to a minimum of five academic papers (not newspaper articles or web forums/blogs) should be included in the discussion of the topic.
Language: accurate grammar; appropriate style.
Citations and references: to be applied appropriately and in accordance with APA7th edition referencing guidelines (see the Guide to Academic Writing 2020). Check that your paper meets the formal SBE formatting requirements, for example, completion of the official cover page, margins, font, line spacing, paragraphing style, APA style references.
Assignment Length: 1,800 – 2,200 words. The word count includes all text from the introduction to the end of the conclusion. Text presented within tables and graphs is not included.
Assignment Deadline: Paper completion and submission on Canvas: 10:00 am, Thursday, April 8, 2021.
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