Literature review

To perform a Literature Review covering the key topic(s) of your chosen project problem ( COVID 19 Test Booking System).
This will be written in the form of a short essay, and include a bibliography, maintaining the Harvard style, covering as many quality texts and systems as appropriate. All references listed MUST be cited appropriately in the text of the essay.
A Literature Review is a coherent essay of a literature analysis and associated research task. It will be based on the literature directly related to the problem under study, including an explanation of how your focused project question grew out of that review, this can be a rework of an existing solution, a variation on an existing approach or may pursue a new line of study.
The role of the literature review is to know what others have discovered and attempted before you begin your own study, to provide a context grounded in current knowledge about a subject. From this, you can establish a foundation for the problem to be addressed on your project.
The purpose of this assignment is to identify your ability to research a topic of study.
You must show that you can learn to:
• identify and formulate a focused problem that defines what you’d like to learn
• know how to search and locate literature (e.g. Journal articles) using library and internet resources, existing systems and applications, technical papers, etc.
• analyze information found in these sources
• synthesize acquired, existing knowledge into a written literature review
• determine your solution under the influenced by the knowledge acquired
For this assignment, you need to complete a literature review on your chosen project idea. You need to write a 2,000-word essay, which meets the learning identified in the Purpose section above.
The steps to complete your literature review are:
1. Take your project idea and your initial problem …
2. Search for and locate journals that include the topics related to your problem
3. Find articles, read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic AND problem
4. List your sources and record their references, preferably using a system that stores and organizes … refer to the video in Unit 3 on CANVAS
5. Organize your articles by sorting and classifying their findings in a meaningful way, always considering how appropriate they are to the original idea and problem
6. Write your literature review
7. Reassess and revise your review
The literature review needs to conform to the following format
1. Introduction (without this heading)
Write an introduction paragraph for your review. This paragraph
• states the idea and problem that instigated the review
• tells the reader specific information on the topics covered and how many articles you reviewed on each
2. Body (without this heading)
Before you begin this section, be sure that you have sorted your articles into different themes or subtopics. Within the theme, further organise the articles’ based on their findings or results.
The initially sorted themes will give names to the headings for each of the sectionss that you write in the body of your review.
The body of your literature review will include the following for each theme:
• how the theme is relevant to your problem
• a comparison of the findings from the sources relevant to your problem
• what you learnt collectively from these sources
• how the findings have influenced your initial solutions
3. Summary
This is the last paragraph of your literature review. In this paragraph, it is important to briefly summarize the main findings from the articles that you reviewed and to point out how your idea and problem were answered or not answered, what you learnt from the process and how your initial ideas for a solution has developed.
4. References
This is the last pages of your review. It serves as a listing of all references that you mentioned in your essay. Please make sure that only references cited in your essay are listed. Other references that you earlier found/read but have not cited will be listed in your bibliography. Please use Harvard style when completing this list.
5. Bibliography (optional)
This lists additional sources not cited in the essay.
Please also use Harvard style when completing this list and use alphabetical order.
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