Literature Review – Role of Organizational Support on Corporate Entrepreneurship

Literature Review – Role of Organizational Support on Corporate Entrepreneurship
Research Topic
The literature review will explore content on the role of organizational support on corporate entrepreneurship propagation within organizations. The paper will illustrate how the discourse has progressed and what it means for a post COVID world.
Research Question
What is the role of organizational support on corporate entrepreneurship and what processes can be undertaken by employers to capitalize on intrapreneurial capacities of their employees?
Corporate Entrepreneurship is a multi-faceted phenomena influenced by a plethora of factors including employee personality, motivation, attitudes, behaviors etc. However, intrapreneurial behavior of an employee is not a stable individual feature but relates to the situational context in which the employees function as well. The intrapreneurial environment provided by the company as well as the support for employees’ entrepreneurial initiatives serves as an antecedent for intrapreneurial outcomes for an organization. This organizational support is provided through multiple fronts including structures, opportunities, rewards etc. The analysis on the impact of this organizational support on employees is significant in highlighting the major role this plays in encouraging and cultivating intrapreneurial behavior and how management can capitalize on existing motivations to provide a win-win outcome for both the organization and the employee. Considering the new ways of working (NWW) that promote flexible working schedules and locations is also an interesting aspect, which will help shape the role of organizational support in the future.
Objective and Scope
The objective of the project is to illustrate the role organizational support plays in encouraging and cultivating intrapreneurial behavior in its employees which can ultimately lead to intrapreneurial outcomes on the organizational level as well as individual level of an employee. The project will also study new ways of working (NWW) and the role of organizational support in the current context of the Coronavirus-19 pandemic and how employees’ intrapreneurial capacities can be harnessed. This review has the potential to inform gaps present within the field considering the ongoing pandemic and new ways of working (NWW) and suggest new avenues for future research.
Research Methodology
A systematic literature review would be conducted to define the role of organizational culture on corporate entrepreneurship within an organization, which will highlight the conditions and activities that can impact the intrapreneurial capabilities of employees. The review will utilize the systematic literature review steps proposed by Tranfied et al. (2003) to choose, extract and analyze the articles. This process would allow us to define the timeline and ensure the quality of the selected research. The extracted literature would be analyzed to highlight recurrent and emerging themes within the literature.
Literature Review
Title: How do New Ways of Working (NWW) impact intrapreneurial behavior in employees?
1. Introduction
2. Theoretical Background/Conceptual Framework
3. Methodology
3.1. Keyword Search
3.2. Article Selection
4. Descriptive Analysis
5. Thematic Analysis
5.1. time- and location-independent work and intrapreneurial behaviour
5.2. management of output and intrapreneurial behaviour
5.3. access to organisational knowledge and intrapreneurial behaviour
5.4. flexibility in working relations and intrapreneurial behaviour
5.5. a freely accessible open workplace and intrapreneurial behavior
6. Gaps in Research
7. Limitations in Current Research
8. Conclusion
● Language: The thesis must be in English
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● – Double-spaced and 12-point font for regular text
● – Normal spaced and 10-point font for footnotes
● – At least 10-point font for tables and figures
● Margins: 2.54 cm margin on all sides
● Alignment: Justification
● Spaces:
● – Preliminary to new paragraphs: 6-point space
● – Between two footnotes: 1.5-space
● – References: 1.5-spaced as well as a hanging indent (1.5 cm)
● Abstract that summarizes the seminar paper: maximum of 250 word
● Length should be around 10 pages (excluding abstract, tables, figures,
appendices, references, etc
Citation Method:
Scientific writing follows the principle of intersubjectivity and therefore each quotation,
whether paraphrased or literal, must be verifiable. For more information regarding the citation
method, see APA guidelines:
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