Literature Review Paper Guidelines

Identify a patient-related clinical issue (e.g., patients’ response to illness or therapy, nursing intervention strategy). Then review the literature specific to the identified issue. The review should reflect a scholarly writing in terms of knowledge, analysis, originality, synthesis, and structure and organization. The content should include: significance of the issue; structured, logical, and organized discussion and understanding of the current literature; research-based conclusion; and recommendations for future research.
The paper should not exceed 15 double spaced pages excluding illustrations, tables, figures, and references.

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Criteria for Evaluation of the Literature Review Paper:

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A Introduction:
A.1 Clear overview of paper, demonstrates importance of topic and extrapolate the key points from the literature        
B Body:
B.1 Balanced viewpoint: Objective, balanced view from various perspectives        
B.2 Coherent theme:  Each cited study related to the topic and to other studies        
B.3 Depth and breadth of research: Variety of studies and attention to detail about the topic        
B.4 Applications:  Concepts discussed are related to real life situations        
B.5 Significance: Rationalize the practical significance of the research problem        
B.6 Comprehension: Clear explanation and interpretation of the key points and vocabularies explored from the literature        
B.7 Variables: Articulate important variables and phenomena relevant to the topic        
B.8 Methodologies: Identify the main methodologies and research techniques that have been used in the field, and their advantages and disadvantages        
B.9 Analysis: Includes a variety of sources from high-quality journals and publications that are analyzed for differences and commonalities about the topic, comparing and contrasting a variety of views from literature and practice        
B.10 Argument: Developed in a coherent, logical, well balanced and sequential manner        
C Synthesis and Conclusion:
C.1 Synthesized and gained a new perspective on the literature        
C.2 Information synthesized and brought to a clear and logical conclusion        
C.3 Evidence of creativity and independent thinking        
C.4 Research question(s) are formed through the literature review and clearly stated.        
D Evaluation
D.1 Identifying areas for future development in research, practice and education        
E Organization and Alignment:
E.1 Information logically organized with good flow.        
F Writing:
F.1 Correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, word usage, and capitalization, with the use of the standard English which demonstrates good grammar.        
G.1 Correct, accurate and consistent of use of APA in body of paper        
H References:
H.1 References correctly typed, appropriate number and quality        
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