literature review on Internet of Things (IoT) privacy and security issues

Review the published literature on one of the following topics and write a literature review that synthesizes what you have found into a summary of what is, and is not, known on the topic. You should use the topic as a starting point and choose a focused subset of the topic. After reading each article, you should think about how they all fit together. Your review should be organised by concepts, such as findings, rather than by sources of information. Do not proceed through the articles one-by-one. Your literature review should include an introduction, a main body that reviews the literature (and which you should subdivide further), and a conclusion.
Topic: Internet of Things (IoT) privacy and security issues
Focused subset of topic: Personal Data Privacy Issues
• 10 peer reviewed, recent articles about one topic (To qualify as a source of information that you can use for the assignment, these main articles must report results of research studies (i.e. not just authors’ opinions). Each article must also have been published in a refereed journal or conference proceedings (though you may obtain the article through an online source), have an extensive references section. In addition you may choose to supplement these articles with a few articles from other sources or that do not present the authors’ own results.)
• Organize your ideas about that topic in a meaningful way (including both synthesis and critical analysis).
• APA Style for references
• 1500 Words (minimum)
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