Literacy Sponsor Essay Instructions

Literacy Sponsor Essay Instructions
After having read the articles on the Content Page about writing a literacy sponsor essay and having looked at the examples I’ve provided, write your own literacy sponsor story. It should be between five and eight well-developed paragraphs in length. When thinking about what to write, keep Brandt’s essay in mind and even include a quote from her essay in your introductory paragraph to tie your project to her idea. Cite this quote appropriately according to MLA guidelines for citations and include a Work Cited page with Brandt’s essay on it. Think about what Brandt says about access to writing and reading, rising expectations, and how others might profit from your level of literacy.
As was expected on your summary of Brandt’s essay, format your paper in keeping with MLA guidelines. Again, remember to include the following information at the top left corner of the first page:
Your Name
Instructor Name
Include a title and center it.
You should also quote some of Brandt’s essay (strategically, not in big chunks to take up space!). Cite all quotations and references in proper MLA style and include a Work Cited page for the Brandt essay as the final page of your paper (look up MLA Style Guide  for more information – OWLPurdue is a good online source).
Works Cited: At the end of your document, you must have a works cited section.
Write in complete sentences and use proper punctuation.  You may use a spell-checker.  Type your essay on a computer using 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced. Your essay should be appropriately titled, the title centered and properly capitalized at the top of the first page.
     Submit your essay to the Dropbox titled Sponsors of Literacy Essay by 9 AM, Monday, September 21st.
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