List ten (10) effective DAP teaching strategies.

“1.  List ten (10) effective DAP teaching strategies.
2.  List four (4) reasons children learn to talk successfully, naturally and with apparent ease before they go to school.
3.  Explain each term:  immersion; demonstrations; engagement; expectation; responsibility; approximation; use; response.
4.  List the three (3) most important things in a reading program.
5.  List several suggestions that foster enjoyment of reading.
6.  List several suggestions that help children develop strategies to construct meaning in reading.
7.  Describe a developmentally appropriate approach for writing.
8.  How can a teacher nurture beginning writing skills?
9.  Define invented spelling.
10.  What is an important goal of primary mathematics curricula?
11.  List several suggestions for developmentally appropriate practice for primary age children that relate to math.
12.  Describe science in the primary classroom.
13.  List (4) facts related to high stakes tests.
14.  List four (4) purposes of assessment.
15.  Define social promotion.
16.  List six (6) suggestions for a portfolio.
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