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Hi, this is my assignment
selected ELON MUSK.
10 pages ,times new roman ,size 12 ,spacing 1.5
Select an individual who you admire as a leader (could be a person who is living or someone who has died)
2. Identify the personal characteristics (traits) associated with the leader you have chosen. Explain.
3. Using any one theory of leadership (either behavioral or situational), identify the individual’s
leadership style. Cite specific examples to justify your answer
4. Based on the Managerial Grid, where would you place your chosen leader? Explain.
5. Discuss how the individual’s leadership style fits the particular situation/scenario faced by the
leader (cite relevant examples)
6. What motivational tactics does (did) the individual use to influence his/her followers?
7. Is the individual chosen a transactional or transformational leader? Explain
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