leadership and strategy in project management

You will be required to research the literature regarding the areas: Leadership and Strategy and write a critical review of the literature identified. What is the content? • you are required to submit a critical review of the literature and attempt to identify an issue that has not been fully investigated yet, i.e. a knowledge gap. What literature am I to review? • The literature that you intend to review must be in line with the content of the module. That is ‘Leadership’ AND ‘Strategy’ and should be central to your investigation. Since these keywords are very broad and electronic database searches will presumably lead to many studies, you are expected to extend your review in a more discrete direction. This can be done via adding more keywords into your research, i.e. organisation, teams, project management, and so on. What type of work is regarded as ‘literature’? • You are required to cite studies only from Journals that are peer-reviewed. The type of studies can be original research articles or review (state of the art) papers. The use of 2 web-based sources other than web-based journals should be avoided to ensure that you only cite the knowledge which was produced using accepted scientific procedures. What is the number of citations (references) I am supposed to include in my review? • You are expected to find and use a minimum of 20 studies while no maximum number is given. What should be the sections of the literature review? the literature review should ideally consist of following sections: • Background – This is the section where you introduce the readers to the general information in the domain. Try to address the broad considerations and the reasons why researchers focus on studying topics related to leadership, strategy, etc. • Critical review – In this section depart from your general ideas and try to direct your readers into more specific topics. Therefore, your way of reasoning should be deductive: from general to more specific. Thematic groupings will be extremely useful to deliver an effective one. For example, try to respond what has recently been researched in the leadership. Recall that we already highlighted the importance of leadership research in background. In this section our intention is to provide a survey of more recent works. This is of very important because only if you know the latest work then you will be able to detect a knowledge gap in the literature. • Problem statement – You can refer that as the conclusion of your review. What have you found in your critical assessment? Based on your research, what is the knowledge gap? Try to start this section with short summary of the critical review section which is followed by ‘knowledge gap indicator’ statement generally starts with ‘however’ (i.e. results from previous research provides little or no evidence in ……) • References (and citations) – You must use Harvard reference style for the entire manuscript. In-text citations must be used throughout and full references included at the end of the document as a separate section. • What should be the length of the manuscript? – Word count of the body text should be 2,000 (+/-10%) words.

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