Lab Report Difference in VO2max and the Ventilatory Threshold between Elite and Recreational Cyclists.

Lab report write-up
The maximum length of the write-up, excluding tables and graphs, is 1500 words ± 10%.
You will be given the data in an Excel spreadsheet to use.
Write up
You are expected to complete a lab report (1,500 words ± 10%) based on your results. This should include FIVE sections:
Introduction (≈600 words) (30%).
In this section you should introduce the reader to the area of interest. In this coursework, the area is
i. maximal oxygen uptake (V̇O2max)
ii. metabolic threshold
iii. the ‘V slope’ method
iv. incremental exercise testing.
Define each and state the relevance of each to the field of athlete testing – what does an athlete gain from these tests. Give an example of the type of athlete who benefits from this test. Reference journal articles which have performed similar tests describing what they found. Use a funnel approach for the introduction (start broad and finish with the specific aim(s) of your study).
Methods (0%).
This section will be written for you for demonstration and learning purposes so will not be marked. It will describe precisely how data were collected and by what procedure. Results are NOT included in this section. References are NOT included in this section
Details of all equipment and of the calibration processes as well as subject data should always be shown.
Overall a protocol should include a clear instruction of what you did so that it could be faithfully reproduced by someone else reading your description.

Results (20%).
This section will be written for you for demonstration and learning purposes and it will show the full data analysis with which you will be working. You will be expected to produce graphs and identify key findings.
See the APA (American Psychological Association) Graphs and Tables guidelines in Weblearn
Discussion + Conclusion ≈ 900 words (40%).
1. Begin by stating the aim(s) of this report
2. Then state the KEY findings.
3. Next start to explain your results With reference to the same jourrnal articles you used in the Introduction and compare your findings to them.
a. Are Elite and Recreational cyclists the same or different?
b. State why are your findings the same / different to those of referenced studies? Offer a critical analysis of the reaons for differences or similarities.
4. Are there any limitations to your study methods which you can identify?
5. Conclusion: State aims, state (very briefly) the key findings, summarise what the findings mean and state implications. This section must be very concise and have impact – it is the last thing that will be read and must be decisive.
References (10%)
Give a minimum of SIX scientific sources you used to prepare your work. None of these should be internet based and they should all be cited in text. Use Harvard style when citing references (see
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