“These 2 journals should be 800 words, font is Arial 10 very important.  Do not need to cite these journals Due is Tuesday February 12, 2018.
Communication Skills: To include effective development of interpretation and expression of ideas through written communication:
Journal # 5
You always get what you want. Your subconscious rightfully determines what energies, experiences and people you attract. Therefore, the only foolproof way to know what you want is to see what you have.
As the most heavily advertised consumer product in the United States, cigarettes have a powerful impact, especially on the young. If you are a non-smoker, how can you protect yourself against secondhand smoke? How do you feel about the tobacco use of others and your exposure to secondhand smoke? The constitution gives us certain rights. Are the rights of smokers being denied in the public workplace? Why or why not? If you are a smoker, why do you smoke? If you are non-smoker how do you deal with smoking friends? What barriers keep you from quitting if you are a smoker? Has anyone in your family or a close friend died from the results of tobacco? If you are an international student, discuss smoking in your country.
Journal #6
You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but better make the best of it, because it’s going to be with you the rest of your life.
Make a list on today journal of everything you ate and drank yesterday no cheating!! Think hard about when and why you ate something
Our culture makes a big difference in how we interpret ourselves. Unless you are motivated to make changes in your weight in order to live a healthier (not more beautiful life, chances are that you won’t succeed. How do you feel about your body? Your weight? If you are not happy, why not? What lessons did you learn from your parents about weight? Is our culture influential in how you look? How? Why do you think people are so unhappy about their weight in America? Why do you think so many people are constantly on a diet? Why do you think we have so many overweight individuals, especially children?”
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