Journal Assignment 7

“JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT Chapter 7  Getting the Most Out of ClassWrite!Directions: See Grading Rubric Below and Example Attached, please use the attached file as reference along with the video below.
Each chapter of this book will ask you to write reflectively about the material you have just read. What did I learn? What the most valuable thing(s) I learned? What doesnt work for me? Why doesn’t it work and how can I make it work? This is another way to remember the content of the chapter, so you might try it with your other classes as well.Work in a Word Processor. Click on ‘Submit Assignment’ and Copy/paste the questions into the text box. Answer all the questions. Save on your computer before submitting to your instructor. Or, Attach your file to the assignment. Important! Be sure to use quotes/examples from the textbook and reference with page numbers for each question. You may also use the PowerPoint for reference. Please state the slide number. Use PowerPoint reference only occasionally per week and when appropriate. Your main reference source is the textbook. Put your reference numbers in parenthesis. Example: (pg. 10 or slide 11) You may also use web or module video reference which must be underlined.
1. Think of one of your courses in which you’re having trouble taking useful notes. Now write down some ideas from this chapter that may help you improve your note taking in that course. 2.  How might a study group help you improve your note taking and other study habits? Is there a possibility that you might join one? Jot down the names of students in your classes whom you admire for their academic achievements. Ask one of them if he or she is interested in forming a group. If that person already belongs to a group, ask if you might join. 3.  If you are nervous about speaking up to ask a question or to make a comment in class, list the possible reasons for your fears. Next to each reason, explain why it might be irrational and also describe the worst and the best that could happen if you were to speak up. If you are not fearful speaking up in class, how did you accomplish this? 4. Think of a time when you discarded another students’ comment in class because they were in disagreement with your own views. Describe the experience. Explain what you might have learned if you had been willing to listen to what the student had to say. Or, are you always willing to listen to others. Explain. 5.  If you’ve tried collaborative learning, write about how that went. If you haven’t tried it yet, write about why you haven’t and whether you plan to do so in the near future. 6.  An important part of active learning is student participation. What if some students are reticent about speaking in class (their learning styles may indicate they are introverted)? Should the teacher be flexible about this? If so, how? If not, what should he/she do? 7.  What are some of the problems that might arise among learning team members? How might the problems be resolved? Explain how they might also be prevented. 8. What did you learn from watching the video for chapter 7?  9.  Is there anything else on your mind this week that you’d like to share with your instructor? If so, add it to your journal entry.Respond to these questions (short answers):
1. How would you define ‘engagement with learning’?
2. What is active learning vs. passive learning?
3. What can I do if I can’t stand my teacher?
4. Why don’t teachers just tell me what I need to know?
5. How has reading this chapter changed/not changed your view of your education?Journal Grading RubricJournal Grading RubricGuidelines for Journal Chapters Full Points Credit – 50
Thoroughly and Completely answers each question. Gives personal thought as to how chapter material applies to you States examples from textbook and gives reference page numbers from textbook for each answer Explains personal situations as related to the materialHalf Points Credit – 49 – 25
Answers each question with one sentence Shows little personal thought as to how chapter material applies to you Gives some or no examples from textbook and some or no reference page numbers from textbook. Has no personal situations as related to the material Under Half Points Credit -24 – 0
Does not answer each question Use of yes/no answers with out explanation. Lacks any personal thought about the chapter material Does not attempt the assignment”
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