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I need to write a case study that requires an irac writing summary of at least one page without using any external sources.I have a case study that requires an irac writing summary of at least one page without using any external sources.
attached is the case study
The issue is a case between Apple Inc. and Samsung America American electronic companies. The two companies are involved in a case in which the complainant, Apple Inc. company is suing Samsung over the patient right of the design, copied or taken by the Samsung company.

According to Apple, Samsung has stolen the configuration by copying several of its phone, iPad, and laptop designs. The company claims that the reveals company did use some of its creations to produce its products.
According to the law of patents and copyrights, another organization or individual does not have the right to use another company or eleven an individual legally patents product or service.

The law prohibits such practice, and the parent company is liable to sue and get legal compensation for the same. In this case, Apple is responsible for a payment if the court established that Apple’s claims are valid.
Upon establishing the claim made by the complement, this court will compel the plaintiff to compensate and stop the use of the patented design of the Apple company.

From the case, the two significant designs that are patented by apple are likely to be drawn from the market and the production of the same stopes if the court established the truth concerning the claim.

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The solution of the issue is that the court has to establish the truth of the matter. In this case Samsung is liable to pay for the liability of design copy.

This case is an appeal from the denial of a preliminary injunction. While there exists a substantial issue of the request by law and facts, the decision of whether the preliminary injunction on the ca between the two telecommunication industry will proceed to lie on the discretion of the court. This will determine the outcome of the patent issue that apple is making against the Samsung company.

APPLE, INC., Plaintiff-Appellant v. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, DefendantsAppellees 678 F.3d 1314 (Fed. Cir. 2012)

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