Introduction To High Performance Computing- Assignment help

COMP-5520 & 4900
Introduction to High Performance Computing
Assignment-1 (Due 2/8/2017)
1. Please read the first chapter from your book and answer questions 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8. (20 points each)
2. Write a research paper on High Performance Computing (40 points). Address the items
given below: a. How can you use High Performance Computing in your research or life? Give
two examples. b. Why do we need to write parallel programs? (read pages 1-3 from your book) c. Discuss the local and global impact of high performance computing on
individuals, organizations, and society. d. Attach this cover page to your paper and submit your paper on the due date
given above.
Submit your assignment through Elearn/Dropbox. Do not forget to put your name on your assignment. Any different form of submission except ELEARN will not be considered.
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