Introduction section” of a proposal in Cellular molecular biology Research

Introduction: ~ 1100 words ONLY Find information from WormBase : Nematode Information Resource – What are stem cells, why are they important – Rationale behind the research – Why use C. elegans as model organism to study stem cells – C.elegans o Talk about germ line and development o How germ lines assemble o Where do they originate from  Proximal and distal end of the germ line  Germ line  What are the signals in the distal and proximal end o Talk about:  GLP-1 Notch signalling  what ligands are activated e.g LAG-2  What does GLP-1 promote • What is GLP-1 and what is its activity • Gain of function • Loss of function • Where is the binding site  Other types of GLP – What is RNAi procedure, why is it performed; what is the purpose of doing RNAi o Talk about what these are and there role in C.elegans ( specific genes will be announced in the project) Discuss the aims bellow. – Any research done in these areas as mentioned in the aims and any research done on these

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