Assessment Task:
You are a junior consultant working for an international investment organisation. The firm has some new prospective clients visiting the Head Office in London. Your manager, the Head of International Markets, is very keen to sign the clients but wants to improve their understanding of international trade, finance, and investment matters.
You are tasked with writing a comprehensive report on the following:
Finance is considered as the life blood or the engine of growth for international trade and development.
a. Evaluate how the financial markets work to allocate capital within a domestic economy and internationally for trade, investment, and development purposes.
b. Using an economy of your choice critically evaluate what are the key challenges that country faces due to industrialisation and trade policies?
Content Template:
1. Title and Content Pages
2. Executive Summary
3. Background of Financial Markets
4. Capital Allocation within Domestic Economy
5. Capital Allocation within International Markets
6. Evaluation of an Economy of your choice
7. Critical Evaluation of Challenges that the country faces due to Industrialisation and Trade Policies.
8. Conclusion
9. Recommendations
This is an academic piece of work, you are expected to conduct extensive up-to-date research, critically evaluating the content, and appropriately referencing the sources of information used.
The report should be 3,000 words +/- 10% (excluding appendices).
The country applicable here in FRANCE, Please follow the format (template) given above.
There are 2 sample of the report is provided and the marking scheme also is provided.
URGENTLY and hopefully needed on or before 26th of JAN 2021 before 12:15 AM (GST).
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