International Marketing Management

Candidates are required to apply the learning and creative marketing skills they have gained from studying this Unit to develop a marketing strategy for an organisation of their choice. You will be expected to discuss the key concepts of marketing management and use contemporary marketing models, tools and techniques in a practical context. Specifically, you will:
• Analyse the changing business environment(s) globally and how they pose challenges to marketing management functions in organizations;
• Develop marketing strategies with the application of appropriate marketing tools;
• Evaluate the processes involved in brand management and how they influence consumer behavior;
• Decide how to launch new products/services in a dynamic global marketplace.
You can choose any organisation that you have sufficient first-hand knowledge of, preferably where you are working currently or have worked in the past, or an example organization that you have chosen for the purposes of this assignment. This may be a family business, a multi-national organisation, a college or university, or any other organization that lends itself to discussion and analysis.
This is an investigative assignment/mini project which will require detailed planning to ensure that all assessment tasks are adequately researched and for data to be analysed within the timescale permitted
1. Executive Summary: You should summarise your entire case study briefly
2. Introduction: You should introduce your organization of choice, giving details, based on research, about its size, its product offering including any branding, and the market(s) in which it currently operates
3. Literature Review: You should conduct a review of a range of relevant academic literature as well as data/information from at least three different sources and provide a critique/critical analysis of the current issues/concepts that are relevant to and potentially impact on the international marketing environment and in particular to your case study organisation. Your literature review should include at least 2-3 articles taken from reputed research journals/ article publications, as well as at least 2 secondary literature reports, company data/any other relevant data. It is expected that the findings of the literature review will be woven into the rest of the report as ccandidates are required to demonstrate critical thinking in this assignment task by applying the literature reviewed to the practical example organisation
4. Background Analysis: Candidates will critically discuss the local, national and regional context of marketing approaches employed by your chosen organization. You must then identify at least three possible international entry methods that can be used by your organization. You should evaluate the benefits of each method to the organisation in terms of indicators such as forecasted market share, targeted market segment or possible mergers or acquisition. You must then critically evaluate the influence of the changing business environment on the marketing priorities and marketing management functions of the organisation
5. Application of Learning to Practice: You need to compare actual practice at your organisation with the key academic thinking established in the review of literature. It may point out similarities and differences, agreements and contradictions, arguments and counter arguments, and suggest explanations for these relationships.
The focus of this section will be on the following areas:
a) Marketing Strategies:
b) Brand Management:
c) New Product Development
6. Recommendations and Conclusion:
7. Presentation & References: The whole report should be presented in a well written, structured format, and which makes correct use the Harvard Referencing System (HRS).
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