Interacting with children (ages 1-3 years old)

“Interactions with children
Observe and record three different examples of an adult (other than you) who responded to a child’s cue by extending their interest of by creating an activity to support the child’s interest.  It could be describing how an activity was changed to support their interest or ideas.
Practice observing children to discover the behaviors that inform adults about the child’s needs and interests.  Respond to a child’s cue:
Describe the child’s behavior that you responded to
Describe the situation (location and activity etc)
Describe your response and to support that child’s interests
Describe your feelings, ideas, insights and/or reactions to this activity.
Problem Solving
Observe a child or a group of children solving a problem.  Describe what you observed.
Record an example of an adult assisting a child or group of children with problem solving.  (cognitive or social or with materials)  Describe the conversation and end result.
Practice asking open-ended questions to at least three different children that encourage conversation and extends the child’s thinking or problem solving.  Take notes 
What did you say?
What did the child say?
What were the questions and the responses
What would you say differently next time?  How did you feel about the conversations????”
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