insurance or risk management

1. Find TWO articles in insurance or risk management periodicals that interest you. Some examples of insurance periodicals include, but are not limited to, the following:
Benefits Quarterly
Best’s Review (Property-Casualty Edition)
Best’s Review (Life-Health Edition)
Business Insurance
Insurance & Financial Advisor
Insurance Journal
Journal of Risk Education
National Underwriter (Property-Casualty Edition)
National Underwriter (Life-Health Edition)
Risk and Insurance
Risk Management
Claims Magazine
2. Prepare a brief review of each article. Each review should include a synopsis and discussion of the article.
• What interested you about the article?
• What did you learn from the article?
• Did anything in the article surprise you?
• Do you have an opinion on the issues mentioned in the article, etc.?
3. Please Refrain from taking direct phrases and sentences from the article as much as possible, i.e. use your own words.
4. Articles must be from periodicals dated January 2020 or later. Risk management and insurance are dynamic areas with changes occurring at a rapid pace.
5. The objective of this assignment is to expose you to the insurance trade literature, to the types of companies that advertise in these publications, and to the latest “hot issues” in the industry. In addition, as with any written assignment, it will provide you with the opportunity to develop your writing skills.
6. You will be presenting your articles at the monthly next staff meeting 03/19/2020 (location TBA)
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