Instructional Technology Review

“Your task for this assignment is to determine the level of utilization of technology to support the instructional program of your school. Specifically, you should collect information relative to the:
Use of technology within individual classes; noting the level of technology literacy (e.g. Beginning, Proficient, Transformative);
Integration of technology within and across the curriculum, again noting the level of technology  literacy;
Impact of technology on instructional pedagogy, again noting technology literacy;
Results of technology integration related to student gains in learning and whether technology makes learning more relevant and engaging;
Magnitude of initial and ongoing staff development intended to achieve technological integration and student gains;
Use of technology systems to track/report administrative actions (e.g. Campus Management, GradPro, etc)
As part of the assignment you will need to gather artifacts, such as the school or district technology plan (if one has been developed). Consider interviewing the principal, technology coordinator, or other knowledgeable employee. Ask probing questions, such as how is the use of technology encouraged, supported, and monitored? What types of data, if any, are utilized to report the impact of technology in/on student gains? What types of initial and ongoing staff development and technological support are provided to teachers as they incorporate technology in the classroom (curriculum and instruction)? What types of ongoing support can be forecasted? Who will provide this type of assistance? How will this type of assistance be funded?
Your final review should be in the form of a 10-12 page paper summarizing your findings. You do not need to provide a critical analysis of the program, only an objective summary. Supplement your review with an overview of the artifacts you used to collect your information, such as district or school technology plan(s), Internet fair use policies, names of interviewees, etc. (e.g., a list of references).
Instructional Technology Review Grading RubricRubric CategoryPts.Paper discusses the level of use of technology in classes12.5Paper discusses the integration of technology within the curriculum12.5Paper describes the impact of technology on instructional pedagogy12.5Paper describes the impact of technology on students’ gains12.5Paper describes magnitude of staff development12.5Paper describes use of technology for administrative actions12.5Paper is submitted in APA format and includes a title and reference page12.5Paper is submitted on time and is free of spelling/grammatical errors12.5
Course Objective: 2, 3, 4, 5; (WVPTS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5); (NETS*T 1, 2, 3, 4, 5); (NCATE: 1, 2, 3, 4)”
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