Innovation and service development in practice

Assignment Two – Guidelines
Please note these guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Assignment brief posted on BREO. These notes are intended as helpful pointers for your work, the specific assessment criteria for this work is set out in the Assignment brief.
Having identified an area of need and suggested improvement as part of your Assessment One, it is now time to propose and implement a service response to your needs audit. In order to achieve this outcome, you will be required to meet the following set of guidelines for Assessment 2.
1. This is a report, not an essay; therefore, please use headings appropriately to meet your set of objectives.
2. Introduce your report by reminding your reader briefly about the area of need you identified for Assessment One and setting out your objectives for the report clearly. You will then need to say the report presents a proposal in response to the identified need.
3. Although your response to Assessment One included the policy landscape for your chosen area of need, it helps to summarise briefly the policy, legal and/or historical context in order to give your reader some background information about how things have come about and the necessity for change in the light of your practice experience or experiences of others (individuals and/or organisations).
4. Focus now on the implementation of your proposal: (a) Think about whether your proposal is realistic in terms of timeframe and cost implications of the project, and whether you can justify the relevance and usefulness of the project. This does not mean you should necessarily abandon an ambitious project, (b) The implementation process – stages in the process of implementing your proposal, such as what you will do on a step-by-step basis to execute your plan, for example consultation with individuals and/or organisations and their roles/functions; recognition or approval process if required; funding and financial support strategies; design, communication and promotion of your service response; recruitment and review mechanisms, etc.
5. Consider potential barriers/challenges during the implementation process and how these may be overcome.
6. As part of your discussion of the implementation process and challenges/barriers you may encounter, consider the relevance of aspects of policy and theories we discussed in class and from your wider readings.
7. It is up to you how you structure your report – remember to ensure your report flows logically and use headings appropriately. Aim to help your reader with understanding your proposal.
8. Always reference your work appropriately in accordance with Harvard referencing system. We do not specify a minimum number of references so long as they are used appropriately and where opportunities exist to use them.
9. Please remember to write a conclusion for your report.
Humphrey Akhaine
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