Initiating a systems development project and investigating system requirements

Explain how information systems are used within organisations to fulfil organisational
2. Describe the phases and activities typically involved in the systems
development life cycle
3. Describe the professional roles, skills and ethical issues involved in systems analysis
and design work
4. Use a variety of techniques for analysing and defining business problems
and opportunities and determining system requirements
5. Model system requirements using UML, including use case diagrams and
descriptions, activity diagrams and domain model class diagrams
6. Explain the activities involved in systems design, including designing the system
environment, application components, user interfaces, database and software
7. Represent early system design using UML, including sequence diagrams,
architectural diagrams and design class diagrams
8. Describe tools and techniques for planning, managing and evaluating systems
development projects
9. Describe the key features of several different systems development methodologies
10. Present systems analysis and design documentation in an appropriate, consistent
and professional manner
Unit learning outcomes addressed in
this topic
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