INFT 3019 Network Architecture 2021

22/02/2021 v1.0
Assignment 1: Network Design (15%)
Due: Sunday 4
th April 2021 @ 11:59 PM
(end of Week 5)
Individual Assignment
Submission: via the course website
The following assignment will require you to demonstrate skills you have learnt in the course INFT
3019 Network Architecture. The case study has you as a network consultant brought in to work on a
new network design for the company. Each deliverable has been listed below to assist you in
planning the report. For full marks, a professional report meeting all deliverables must be submitted
before the due date. In summary, this assignment requires you to create different network diagrams
based on the case study, list the equipment you recommend and create an IP scheme, all while
justifying your choices in each deliverable.
This assignment requires you to complete multiple deliverables:
• Develop an IP Addressing Scheme,
• Draw a proposed Logical Network Design Diagram,
• Draw a proposed Sydney Physical Network Design Diagram,
• List the required networking equipment.
Justifications and assumptions for the deliverables should be included when relevant.
You should upload to Learnonline the following files:
• A Word document containing the IP addressing scheme and networking equipment.
• 2 separate image files (png/jpeg) for your logical and physical diagrams.
The assignment is worth 15% of your overall grade for this course. The following table breaks down
each component of the assignment, giving it a percentage out of the 15% for this assignment.
IP addressing scheme 5%
Logical network diagram 5%
Physical network diagram 2%
Networking equipment list 2%
Presentation, style, grammar and spelling 1%
Case Study
Fully Unreal Reality (FUR) is a new and upcoming game development company that is turning heads
in the industry. They have grown so much recently that they must upgrade their network which was
only built 3 years ago but cannot cope with the growth. Management has requested a network 22/02/2021 v1.0
consultant (you) be brought in and a new network designed. They have advised you that the current
infrastructure will be entirely replaced, except for cabling.
FUR has two major headquarters in Sydney and Melbourne and a branch office in Adelaide. Each HQ
has the same floor plan with the branch office being slightly smaller. Currently only the Melbourne
HQ is connected via WAN to the Adelaide office. The management is open to an additional link from
Sydney to Adelaide if it can be justified.
The WAN connection speed is not in scope, nor is the existing Sydney to Melbourne and Melbourne
to Adelaide WAN connections. The ISP connection is to Sydney only.
Each office has multiple different types of devices that need connection and all from different
departments in the office. The FUR organisation hierarchy is outlined below:
• Human Resources & Finance Department
• Design and Development Department
o Software Engineering Team
o Game Design Team
o Quality Assurance Team
• Art Department
o Concept Art Team
o 3D Modelling Team
• Product Department
o Customer Support Team
o Marketing Team
o Training Team
Floor plans for the HQ are given in Appendix A.
The company network must support hundreds of staff and be scalable for up to 5 years. It is
expected yearly growth rates will be 20%. Currently the staff member count at each headquarters is
as follows:
• HR & Finance: 7 staff members,
• Design and Development: 31 staff members,
• Art: 11 staff members,
• Product: 52 staff members.
The Adelaide office has only a fraction of this, and not all departments are in Adelaide:
• HR & Finance: 1 staff member,
• Design and Development: 5 members,
• Product: 3 members.
Each department must be separate on the network, with HR & Finance having the most need to be
separate from other departments. Art staff regularly take home tablets to design at home and on
the go, these tablets are connected via Wi-Fi to the company’s internal asset server while at the
office (Internal Wi-Fi). Art staff also have a PC available at work for them.
Design and Development staff bring their own company laptop to work (to connect to the Internal
Wi-Fi) and can also access 5 computers available at work for machine learning and graphical
processing abilities. The product team works on desktop computers, one per staff member.22/02/2021 v1.0
HR & Finance staff members each have a desktop computer and are not permitted to take any
devices home (given the nature of their work). HR & Finance is responsible for handling very
sensitive data and must be separate from other departments.
All staff bring their mobile devices and smart watches to work with them and expect to be able to
use the Internet on them at work, there is no restriction on them accessing the internal server
because they are employees of the company.
Corporate training happens at all offices, a training Wi-Fi network is required for any guests
attending. This Wi-Fi network must only have access to the training server located in Sydney and the
Internet. Involved in corporate training is often audio and video conferences with other offices.
The company itself has several servers: a web server, an asset server, two game servers, a file server
and a training server. All servers are located in the Sydney headquarters. The web server must be
accessible from the Internet on HTTP and HTTPS. The game server must be accessible on UDP port
65532 from the Internet. No other server should have access to the Internet or be accessible from
the Internet. The company also has 3 printers in each headquarters, Adelaide has 1 printer.
Given the sensitive nature of what is created by the company, security cameras are featured in and
around each office to make sure employees are doing the correct thing. This also helps with
preventing unauthorised personnel from gaining access to the offices. Security cameras should
continue to operate for up to 30 minutes after a power outage.
Out of Scope
• The existing WAN connections between Adelaide <-> Melbourne, Melbourne <-> Sydney,
Sydney <-> ISP.
• VoIP, although planning for it is advisable (reserving a VLAN, etc).
• Wall cabling, device cabling is still necessary.
• Server specifications and end device numbers.
• Equipment space availability/layout of the offices, see Appendix A.
• VPNs or related software to support working from home/on the go.
• Wireless access is required at all offices.
• FUR plans on expanding rapidly within the next 5 years (adding new locations).
• Different categories of users/devices should be in their own VLAN.
• Each staff member has access to at least one company device.
• Space is available in each office for networking equipment.
• Cables exist already and are Cat6.
• The network address given to the ISP <-> Sydney connection is (ISP has .5,
Sydney has .6).
• Private network address space must be used.
Equipment List
The equipment list should follow a format close to the one demonstrated in the table below.
Name +
Device Type
Quantity Number +
Speed of
Justification22/02/2021 v1.0
Academic Integrity
You are warned that the University’s policies on academic integrity will be strictly adhered to. This is
an individual assignment and the work you submit must be entirely your own: no part of your
submission can be anybody else’s work or work that you did together with another student or
students. You must not make your work available to another student. All use of outside assistance,
e.g., “essay farms” on the Web or work written for you by a friend, is strictly forbidden and will
attract a minimum penalty of zero for the assignment. To defend yourself in the case of any
suspicion of academic misconduct, you are strongly urged to retain all evidence of how you
developed your assignment, such as rough worksheets, notes, drafts, copies of reference material,
minutes of meetings etc.
You are free to discuss the report with others, and to give and receive help, including references and
general discussion of the main arguments and conclusions, as long as the text of your report is
written by yourself and is not made available to others. Your submission will be subject to
automated checks for plagiarism, including, but not limited to, Turnitin.
If you have any doubts about the academic integrity requirements, please discuss them with us.
Refer to the University’s academic integrity policy for further information.
Extension to Assessment Task Deadlines
There will be NO extensions to the assessment task deadline unless arranged prior. If you submit the
assignment late for whatever reason, the late penalty described below will apply. If for some reason
you need to take extended leave from this course, such as jury duty or Defence Force leave, please
see the course coordinator BEFORE taking such leave otherwise no extensions will be granted.
Extension requests must be submitted through the Learnonline site.
Late Submissions
If you submit your assignment after the specified deadline without a pre-arranged extension, a
penalty of 20% of the total mark per day (including Saturday and Sunday) will be incurred. For
example, if you are 2 days late and you are awarded 10/15 your actual mark will be 7/15.22/02/2021 v1.0
Appendix A: Sydney Floor Pla
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