Informative Speech-Assignment help

This is a voice thread that must be only 3-5 minutes long ONLY!!!
See attached Informative Speech for my topic and what I gathered.
NO Et. AL References allowed!!!!!!
You will be required to conduct research, synthesize information, and remain objective about your topic. My topic is Herbal Medicines.
ยท The tone and messaging of the presentation should stay informative. Although you can bring yourself into the speech (making it personal), make sure you don’t share any opinions on your topic or try to convince your audience of anything. You should create a thesis statement that supports this and remains objective.
ยท You should document at least three quality sources in a reference list, parenthetically on the outline, and orally during the presentation.
Websites should be from reputable well-respected experts/resources in your topic area.
Your presentation should have a fully developed beginning, middle, and ending.
Extemporaneous delivery is expected for this presentation. (Have a strong introduction and conclusion prepared, while relying on limited notes during the body of your speech so that you are making lots of eye contact throughout.)
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