Informative Interview of Athletic Director

“Conduct an in-person informational interview of a current high school or middle school athletic director. If you are currently an athletic director yourself, interview a colleague from another school.
Visit to find guidance on conducting an informational interview. In particular, look at Informational Interview Questions. You do not need to ask every suggested question – your primary goal should be to ask questions that will help you complete the Module 2 Challenge (hint: look ahead to that assignment).
Your paper should be no more than 3 pages (excluding title page). Include the following information at the beginning of the paper: the date and location of the interview; the name and job title of the person interviewed; and a summary of the response to each question (do not include an exact transcript of the responses, and do not repeat the questions asked – these should be evident from the summary). No reference page or in-text citations are necessary (you are effectively citing the source in your introductory information).
Submit your informational interview document through Blackboard (see the following link), AND post your completed informational interview document in the shared Google Drive folder (that your group created in Module 1) for your group members to view. The interviews will serve as a resource for the group in the Challenge assignment.
You will be graded according to the attached rubric.
See your Course Schedule for the Module 2 Assignment 1 due date.
Paper Format
Create a title page that includes the assignment title, your name, your group number, the course name, and date of submission. Do not follow APA paper format (no running head). Insert a page header, starting on p. 2, that includes the assignment title and page number.
Single-space the text of each paragraph. Left align the text, with no indent at the beginning of the paragraph, and an extra line between paragraphs (equivalent to full block in letter formats).”
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