Information Technology Management

ITM 315 Spring Assignment 3 16 points possible
Due Wednesday, March 7, 4pm Please submit the deliverable below via blackboard by the above due date/time.
1. Word document with grade sheet followed by Part 1 ERD and the Part 2 relational schema. Please name this file lastnameITM315HMWK3 (fullerITM315HMWK3)
Part 1: Draw the ERD for the following situation. 8 pts
Be sure to:
· Convert all many-to-many relationships to associative entities.
· Make sure each regular entity has an appropriate identifier.
· Make sure attribute names are unique within the ERD.
Wally Los Gatos, owner of Wally’s wonderful World of Wallcoverings, has hired you as a consultant to design a database management system for his chain of three stores that sell wallpaper and accessories. After an initial meeting with Wally, you have developed a list of business rules and specifications to begin the design of an E-R model.
· Customers place orders through a branch. Each customer may order from multiple branches. Each branch receives orders from many customers.
· The following information needs to be recorded each time a customer orders from a branch: Order date and Credit Authorization status.
· Wally would like to track the following about customers: Name, Address, Telephone, and Date of Birth.
· The following information about each branch needs to be recorded: Branch Number and square footage.
· Wally has many employees. He would like to track the following information about employees: Name, date of hire, title, salary, and age.
· Each employee works in one and only one branch. Each branch has multiple employees.
· Each branch is managed by an employee. Not all employees manage branches and no one manages more than one branch.
Part 2: Transform the diagram below into a relational schema that shows referential integrity constraints. Paste your schema in your word document below the part 1 ERD. 8 pts
*Swimmer ID
Swimmer Name
*Team ID
Team Name
Team Mascot
*Event ID
Event Name
Event Description
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