Information Security (includes Cyber Security)

Project Title:
Need subject matter experts to write on Information Security (includes Cyber Security)
Information Security (also includes Cyber Security)
Project Type:
Fixed Price
We’ll discuss and decide.
Project Duration:
At least 3 to 6 months
Project Description:
We are looking for the following deliverables.
1) Technical articles on individual cybersecurity topics for our blog/website.
2) Articles that contain the latest trends, best practices, news, industry insights (facts & figures) related to the cybersecurity industry.
3) Incident analysis (latest cyberattacks around the world) and recommendations on how to prevent such incidents.
4) Elaborate guides/tutorials on cybersecurity concepts.
5) Whitepapers on Cybersecurity.
6) Infographics on Cybersecurity.
7) Slides/Presentations on Cybersecurity.
Either individual freelancers or from an agency, we need a bunch of writers (at least five writers) who are well experienced in Information Security (also includes Cyber Security) with deep knowledge and expertise.
We’ll need the above-mentioned list of content requirements regularly (every week) for a few months.
Interested parties who are subject matter experts and highly experienced in “Information/Cyber Security” may contact us.
Casual content writers or technical writers who don’t have any expertise on “Information/Cyber Security” need not contact us. Because we don’t want your or our time to be wasted.
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