Individual Report

For the final individual report, you have a do a review of the World Investment Report 2020
(WIR, 2020), UNCTAD. The WIR, 2020 is available at the following link.
In your report, please address/cover the following issues:
1) Write a review of the document. (What is the Report about? Why is it published? Who
does publish it? ETC.)
2) According to the report, what is the what are inflows and outflows of FDI of your
country? (If it has increased or decreased compared to the previous year, please explain
the reason behind it.)
3) How do you expect the impacts of COVID-19 on the investment flows of your country?
(Will it increase or decrease? Why?)
Other requirements
• Please submit the report in PDF/Word. Use any font of 12 sizes and less than double
spacing, like 1.5 or 1.15.
• Use APA style for citation and references.
• The minimum word requirement is 1,500 words (excluding References and
In case of any queries, send an email to TA’s email address.

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