Individual assignment (Relationship Marketing)

Guideline for Individual assignment (Relationship Marketing)
1. Executive summary- Please write no more than a few sentences. 2-3 sentences will do.
E.g. this report will briefly introduce the organization chosen, followed by a discussion on the different types of bonding strategies available and an analysis on the bonding strategies used by the company and finally recommendation. (Not included in word count)
2. (1.0) Introduction-Please introduce the company and the country you have chosen to discuss about the organization. A paragraph of no more than 1 paragraph (3-4 sentences). Please make sure you mention the country because different companies in different geographical locations will have different bonding strategy depending on the needs of the particular market.
3. (2.0) Bonding Strategy: First mention why these bonding strategies are important and then generally discuss the different types of bonding strategies used by companies (namely: (2.1) Financial bond, (2.2) Social bond, (2.3) Customization bond & (2.4) Structural bond) 1 or 2 paragraph(s) for each bond with citation!!
4. (3.0) Bonding strategies used by Corp (e.g.)- first mention why this company emphasizes use of these bonding strategy (3.1) Financial bond, 3.2 Social bond, (3.3) Customization bond, (3.4) Structural bond)- one paragraph or 2 paragraphs each- depending on whether you have enough word count allowance. In this section, make sure you write good explanation on the strategies they use with sufficient evidence and citation.
5. (4.0) Recommendation- Please write 3 to 4 recommendations that the company can take into consideration to improve its bonding strategies.
6. Reference list- Please make sure all the references are listed in alphabetical order.
7. Word count is not suggested for each part, please use the word count allowance wisely.
8. Please do write between 1,800 words to 2,200 words.
9. Please make sure the Turnitin similarity rate for each source is 2% and below and the overall similarity is 25% and below.
10. Please make sure you have a citation in each paragraph.
These are things to take into consideration when writing the report.
1. Please write everything in paragraphs although I’ve listed some of those important things to do in key points.
2. Make sure you do not copy any information from unreliable sites or any blogs, there will be deduction of marks and it is not to be taken lightly. No Wikipedia, investopedia and all those scribd, slideshare,, all these sites are banned.
3. Please make sure you fulfill most of the requirements mentioned here.
4. If you have any pictures to include, please do so in the appendix (it should be in picture format or (JPEG) so it won’t be caught on Turnitin).
5. Grammar is very important and the way you write is given utmost importance, having very smooth transition of paragraph is taken into consideration.
6. Only send me a full draft when it is complete, do not send me your work half way, that means you must have all your citations and reference list in place before sending it to me otherwise I won’t be able to judge if your work is good or not.
7. Please watch the video on coursework brief before starting it.
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