Implementation of contemporary strategies in developing supportive enterprises [B2B] enduring competitive intelligence, to overcome the predicament caused by COVID- 19, in developing markets

The outbreak of the Corona Virus during late 2019s has impacted all over the world in several levels; Individually, Socially, Politically, Economically and Environmentally. It caused pandemic uncertainty across the globe. This project mainly revolves around the current and post-pandemic economic statuses and the measures to recover. Taking developed nations like Switzerland, Germany etc. into account, the recovery of their economy is less challenging compared to the developing nations like India, South Africa etc. In the developing economies, to develop a new business or to sustain an existing one, under circumstances caused by the virus is tough, yet attainable. We all know that this circumstance is temporary but to urge back to the level where were we are exceptionally difficult and so the implementation of contemporary strategies is very crucial for the developing markets. We will be discussing several effective strategies and possible methods of foreseeing normalization that could be enforced by the B2B companies using various tools and the ways to sustain while counteracting to the threats from competitors.
Primary research questions are:
1. How profound are the challenges confronted by business – business settings in developing nations due to this pandemic?
2. How Business – Business firms are bringing considerable business model adaptations in developing countries during the Coronavirus pandemic?
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