I want a text of 20-25,000 words on the subject of Identity in the age of Second Modernity.

FIXED PRICE of the project is 100 euros, please post a proposal, only if you accept it.
1. The context for the term Second Modernity (or Liquid Modernity) should be given, as it is used differently by sociologists (Bauman Z, Beck Ul., Giddens A.) and other contemporary European and American social theory scientists. Not over 5,000 words.
2. Details of identity: what is the identity in the second modernity, what elements constitute the identity, the different aspects of the identity and mainly the use of the identity in the game of social gatherings and aspirations. Great emphasis must be placed on ethnic (the difference with the national) and collective identity, as opposed to personal (Appiah). What is the role of religion and language in the formation of a common identity? The important thing in this piece is to look at the whole issue of identity in the light of the theories of social theorists and especially of Bauman and his supporters.
3. Identity formation and management in refugee populations. How the collective identity (the identity of the refugee group) is maintained, how it evolves in transitional environment, what the identity’s challenges are for refugees’ groups. This piece is directly related to what will emerge from the second part.
A full report of bibliography, literature and citation about the subject is absolutely necessary.
Indicative literature: Jenkins R., Bauman, Giddens, Beck, Goffman, Hall S., Appiah K., Castells M., Simmel G., Barth F.
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