I need someone to write my 3 page paper in apa style for art educ.

“☐ Writing Prompt 2: Museum/Gallery Visit, Due February 27th
NYC is the international hub of the arts, with tons of museums and galleries for everyone to visit! Choose a museum or gallery to visit by researching the exhibitions they have to offer. Some great sources to guide your search are local newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times and L Magazine, online art blogs such as “Art NYC”, museum websites, and etc. When deciding which museum or gallery to visit, keep your target teaching audience in mind. If you need suggestions on the best places to visit, please see the instructor.
Write a 3-4 page paper (APA format) about your visit to this museum or gallery by describing your experience with:
â–ª the physical space and setup of the museum or gallery (1-2 paragraphs)
▪ educational and/or navigational pamphlets or technologies 
â–ª any interactions with staff and/or patrons
â–ª a particular exhibition and/or particular work of art (1-2 paragraphs)
â–ª include what learning goals you would set if you took your target teaching audience to this museum or gallery. Also include interactive ways in which you would view, discuss, and analyze this art with your target teaching audience. (at least 2 pages)
These exhibits are in NYC chelsea area.  The exhibit I want you to focus on is the one with pictures (Tom Wesselmann exhibit) I’ve attached pictures at the very bottom.
I’d like this assignment to be completed by tomorrow.”
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