I need a professional writer and researcher to make a 5000-10000 words research report.

I need an out of the box writer, a visionary, and a far thinker to write this work.
This work about connection, link, and the simple concept of sacred geometry, Fibonacci Spiral, the repeating sacred ratios in everything, all interconnected and find similarities and express them as simple as possible in your work. Find a way to describe yet emphasizing the similarities and ratios of the elements that govern life on Earth – the concept I am talking about now and go towards healthy foods (food is not necessarily what you eat – chewing something, drinking the food).
By the way, the report will be recognized as being written by “you” based on my indications and direction or guidance (whoever “you” will be, the author’s name should he/she wishes will appear on the website and everywhere we are going to use it).
We have a nutrition/wellbeing solution, and we’d like detailed research on what will follow.
Nature, animals, and humans are all influenced by Earth, water, fire, and air.
The connection or link between everything and all, Mother Earth, humans, animals, nature, and the ratios of water on the planet – similar to the rate of water into a human body, the % of ground/soil on this planet, and the link to food (what grows from the Earth and the fact that given the high % in a human body regarding water and also high % of the water on the planet, also explain according to which a human being can resist three weeks without food but only three days without water and the rationale given due to 75% in a body – water compared to a lot less “ground” (“ashes to ashes, dust to dust…”) and the conclusion that is drawn from this, hence three days survival without water, but three weeks without food (as we are made of less “earth”/”soil” and more water, you get the idea.
This research and the result of it could be easily confused by some with religious work, by others with a scientific report or a piece of science fiction and fantasy; however, even though it might seem that way, it is not; this would be a “natural” or “nature’s simplified links,” facts and evidence are all around us, yet most of the people overcomplicate things just because there so many instruments we use and often forget about what matters and are hypnotized by the “instruments” that are made to help us (e.g., technology, clothing, etc.) and mistake instruments with the actual purpose of life.
If we consider that human bodies are made up of 75% water, etc. it is essential what water we drink and where from and thinking that due to past experiments (see Masaru Emoto) that demonstrate water has memory and its cellular or atoms structure is taking shape according to the vibration surrounding it, it can be very beneficial and healthy or precisely the opposite.
Water when travels through pipes, like tap water, comes under significant pressure and due to that its structure can be deformed or destroyed for a while; people in some cultures leave the water to rest for 24 hours in order to restructure itself and be beneficial when drinking.
I need research on that with examples and results and be put into professional writing.
Use the link between ratios such as 75% water in a human body and the Earth that contains approx. 72%, the resemblance and the connection between the two.
Use the link between ratios such as 6% earth (Even in old scriptures and writings when ancient books and scrolls were the results of high intelligence and the advanced knowledge about astronomy and building pyramids – that, by the way, nowadays with all the existing technology these cannot be built. However, they did it thousands of years ago all over the world, not only in Egypt but actually, everywhere – mention this in your work too and highlight a higher purpose for the beings that live here, on Earth – definitely building pyramids was not by using a hammer made of a rock tied to a stick or 100t blocks of rocks being pulled on the sand in the desert (Egypt) or up the mountain hills (Mexico) in a human body and the Earth that contains approx. 72%, the resemblance and the connection between the two.
Earth – similarity between ground ratio on this planet with the soil ratio of the human body or the elements of the body (muscle, fat, skin, etc.) that when the body/vessel has reached its final moment (dies), it returns back to the ground and into the soil as it is a part of it – you can use here some examples or analogies with other texts or anything you could think of that will make sense and is backed by logic or facts.
What grows from the ground is consumed by nature (animals, other plants, insects, human beings, etc.). That which is made of nature returns one way or the other to nature.
Anything that is not natural, and please research this because this is how it works and consult scientific (if you want to call it that way) works that explicitly acknowledges that GMOs or anything that is not natural, the human body doesn’t know what to do with it. Either store it, tries to eliminate it, or it can generate massive dis-balance to the body that ingested the not natural stuff (E145, E512, any E… in foods, and other harmful, unnatural chemicals), causing diseases; Thus we have to be careful and thoughtful about what we eat and doesn’t naturally come from the mother nature.
Human beings are not carnivores, but that’s for another time (you can say something about this too and look into it).
Cooking, the link to cooking using fire.
Fire is also Nature’s Element from the total of well most of the times we speak about only 4 of them: Earth, air, fire, water, so that’s what we will cover in this research.
Meditating, breathing techniques, the air we breathe, the importance of clean air (please don’t ever mention anything about global warming :))), there is no such thing; try a way around it and ignore anything regarding that).
To make it more comfortable now, at the end of the presentation, I want you to get a better idea of the concept, but I will present the work I need in fewer words.
EARTH: 6% land on this planet, x% similar for the human body, and the other bodies that wander this Earth: animals, etc.
*human body proportions
*human body return to Earth
*what you eat is what you are
*what you eat that grows from the soil
*what people eat today as opposed to the past
*what people eat today through this forced “consumerism” era is coming to a sure end (see more and more vegetarians, vegans, people who only eat fruit, etc.)
*what people used to eat in ancient times (there were fewer diseases, less obesity, etc.)
*the importance of “food from the earth.”
*eating healthy
*how to start (encourage a more natural approach to eating)
*easy steps (simple steps)
*food’s vibration (e.g., broccoli has a 50Mhz frequency whereas a hamburger 3Mhz – and this is why it is essential to understand why we should eat healthily)
*all is energy
*ratios, Earth/humans/animals/plants etc. – similarities, connection/ links
*the water you drink, where you drink it, how, where from, sources, leave the water to rest – just like it is recommended to eat consciously and not when you are angry or nervous – the idea of calm, and careful consideration and NOT rushing when you do it.
Everything today is on a fast-forward pace, slow down, think, involve the act of thinking and responding, not the mental activity, one that is on an auto-pilot pace, the fight or flight mode, the react mode which is the destructive one.
*water experiments and discoveries
*if we can live without water for three days, and our bodies are made up of 70-75% water, – the importance of what we drink, the water we drink and mixes with water – their source (e.g., vegetables, soups, smoothies, etc.)
*how much we need to drink, and that is usually based on weight or other conditions
*vibration of water
*all is energy
*Air you breathe
*breathing techniques
*cleans the mind and clears the head
*Where you live
*walking/strolling in the park – multiple benefits
*nature’s vibration field
*all is energy, nothing is physical
*BBQs, tools to cook (e.g., if you use a metal knife it will oxidate the fruit or veg, whereas if you use a ceramic knife it won’t, etc. more examples on how to cook healthy)
*ceramic pots and tools
*oils and frying
*why use the above
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