Question 1: (20 Marks)
A. Why attention is important in human activities? And how attention can help in good design?
B. Differentiate between selective and divided attention with the help of examples.
Question 2: (20 Marks)
A. What is the purpose of web clustering engine? Explain.
B. Why tree is not a good method for visualization? Explain with the help of example.
Question 3: (20 Marks)
A. Explain with details what research methods are used for evaluation?
B. What research method will be used for the evaluation among the new game interface given in the following figure and the traditional ones? And why?
Question 4: (20 Marks)
A. Differentiate between synchronous and asynchronous communication. Also give at least two examples of each you have experienced.
B. Define conversational rules for online classes over Zoom app.
Question 5: (20 Marks)
Explain your semester project. What usability issues you have resolved with the help of your prototype? Also attach 2 images of your prototype.
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