HRM-Staffing strategy

You will need to refer to the book: Strategic Staffing, 3e. Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully, Pearson, 2015 ISBN-13: 978-0133571769 ISBN-10: 0133571769 Staffing Project Part I and Part II Part I: Strategic Forecasting Select an organization and a specific job within the organization. Begin collecting information on the company, its business strategy and competitive advantage, and how it currently sources and recruits, and selects for the position you identified. You also need to identify how the position is strategic for the company in some way. Include in your overview: 1. A brief summary of the organization, its business strategy and its culture. 2. An explanation of why the position you chose is strategic for the company. at. Why should attention be given to improving how it is staffed? b. What are the implications of having low versus high performers in the job?
3. Describe the strategic context of your future proposal for recruiting and selecting for this job. at. What must future hires be able to do to help the company execute its business strategy?
4. Respond to each of the nine strategic staffing decisions presented in Table 2-6 (page 36) and justify each of your recommendations.
5. Describe the existing staffing systems for the job. Part II: Job Analysis and Forecasting (Chapters 4 and 5) 1. Perform a job competency analysis on the job as it exists now and as it will look in the near future. Summarize your findings in a job requirements matrix. (See sample on p.103). 2. Identify which qualifications are essential and which are desirable in new hires. 3. Describe the position’s relevant labor market (s) and provide a forecast of the future labor supply for the position. 4. Develop an approximate timeline covering the period from job posting to the new hire beginning work. Part III: Recruiting (Chapters 6 and 7) 1. Develop a sourcing plan for the position you have chosen. 2. Critically analyze the recruiting sources used to staff the position and recommend other recruiting sources that are likely to work. Be sure to explain why your recommendations are likely to be effective. 3. Identify how your sourcing and recruiting plan will enable the company to comply with EEO and other legal requirements. 4. Research, describe and critically analyze the alignment between existing recruiting practices and the staffing needs of this key position. 5. Recommend alternative recruiting strategies, methods, target applicants, appropriate recruiters, the training recruiters should receive, and how they should be rewarded and evaluated. 6. Develop a sample ad for the position that incorporates both the company’s employer brand and a realistic job preview.
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