how would you respond to this in 400 words

I chose to answer these questions:
Explain how work for the parent impacts the relationship within the family? How do parents balance the responsibility of work and home?
Parents working takes time away from their kids and their significant others. They tend to bring home work which also brings stress to the family. The parents leave and work all day and then come home tired and cranky. Then they have the household things to take care of. They have to cook, clean, and all other tasks that it takes to run a household. I think parents balance work and home life by dig everything they can do at the job and leave it when they come home. I think they are able to differentiate the two. Alot of parents will come home and still make the effort to be a family person and interact with their kids. I think that parents forget what it means to have someone there for them. I think that they need to sit down and relax with them and play games. Children need to know parents love them.Â
Question 2:
With the economy the way it is, many adults are moving back home to live with their parents. Some aging parents are moving in with their adult children because they require care. Discuss what are some of the challenges that arise (in either scenario) and suggestions for dealing with those challenges?
Some of the challenges that arise would be living under the rules of the house. I think that if an adult child moves in with parents, the parents try to control them again. They try to get them to listen to what they want and the adult kids lash back. Parents living with kids is bad because they need help and the kids feel like they do not need to help. They tend to put them off while they are living with the children.
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