High-quality research question and research plan

It is a widely accepted fact that most students face difficulties while creating impactful high quality research question and research plans while trying to prepare research papers for issues that they feel are legitimate.

Though you can find hundreds of articles for help to create such questions, most of them fail to guide us about applying creativity and innovation to these questions.

Frame high-quality research questions may seem to be a difficult skill to learn, but a little guidance with a proactive approach toward it can make your work easier. You can find yourself in a daunting situation while struggling with some common questions like which of the following topics would be suitable for a short research paper? How to choose a research question? Etc. Today, we will provide you with advice to fulfill your goal to formulate research questions and plans to create impeccable research assignments.

Keys points to consider before creating a research question

Before we jump into our step-by-step guide to create impeccable research questions, you need to know some points to keep in mind during your pursuit of creating impactful research papers.

  • Be clear and concise while formulating the research questions.
  • Stay vigilant to updating concepts on the topic during all stages of the formulation of research plans.
  • Keep track of recent studies, trends, and advances in the field of study you are researching.
  • Never use words and terms that can make your research question vague.
  • It is wise to consult scholars, experts, and mentors for inputs for effective research plans.
  • Do not represent the question as a method or contribution to a field.

research question

Understanding the types of research questions

It is vital to understand the types of research questions before formulating a research plan for them. You can identify the research questions into two categories that depend entirely on the kind of research you want to undertake. Below are the types of research that you need to consider:-

Quantitative research questions

  • Research question descriptive nature – These questions relate to the research made to describe something. The descriptive research questions generally start with phrases like how much, what is, what are etc.
  • The research question of comparative nature – Such research questions aim to compare two or more variables. These questions can start with phrases such as what is the difference between two variables.
  • Relationship Research question – When you want to draw a relation between two or more variables, you need to create relationship research questions.

Qualitative research questions

These questions explore and discover the broad areas of subject matter. Unlike its previous counterpart, these questions are flexible and can be changed due to new findings while studying the subject matter. Descriptive, Explanatory, Exploratory, and Ideological kind of research requires qualitative research questions.

Step by step guide to writing high-quality research questions

  • Study the requirements for the assignment – you need to understand the requirements before you start working on the research question. If you face any doubts while understanding the meaning and demand of the research work, you should get in touch with your instructor to get clarity on the topic. Many students often fail to understand the exact requirements thus, leading to the trouble to get grades for it. You need to understand whether your research is going to be of qualitative or quantitative nature.
  • Choose a relevant topic – Choosing a topic for research is one of the most crucial things for you. Try to choose the topics that generate your interest, as this will motivate you for in-depth analysis. Make sure to consider the requirements set by the instructor before deciding on the research topic. Select only those topics where you can do detailed research for impactful outputs.
  • Do initial research with a broader subject area – Make sure to start with a larger subject area. It will help you to identify the relevant and viable research questions from a broader perspective. It will also help you to explore maximum options before picking up the most relevant one. Also, make sure to go through the recent developments within the research communities concerning the research area you choose to include updated and relevant arguments for your research questions.
  • Narrow the topic – The next step is to narrow down the primary subject matter you choose in the initial stage. Narrow the research’s topic and consider the different sub-topics and issues for the subject area. It will help you to focus on a more specific area of study. It is wise to concentrate on a single perspective of the subject matter for in-depth analysis rather than jumping between different subject areas under the broad topic you choose initially. You can write down the potential questions. After preparing the list, you need to answer one last question which of the following topics would be suitable for a short research paper?
  • Construct and evaluate the research question – The last step is the construction of the research question. Based on the most relevant topic, you need to check the feasibility of the question by applying the FINER criteria. Similarly, you can try the PICOT criteria to check whether your research question addresses the vital matters related to your topic or not. Both these frameworks will bring impact and relevance to your research plans.

Though there is no hard and fast format or procedure you need to follow, always remember to ask yourself three questions after completing a research question. The first question is that whether your research question has clarity not.

The second one is for the focus of your research question, and finally, you need to ask yourself for the complexity of the question as research questions need to be a bit complex rather than the one with a simple yes or no as the answer.

In addition to these steps, there are various other resources too that can help you to write good research questions. Apart from your teachers, you can take guidance from the research scholars, yellow students, or academic databases to get ideas and guidelines for creating high-quality research questions. We have other related articles that you may wish to study like 7 Steps in Writing a high-quality research Paper 


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