How does one resolve ethical conflicts when dealing with uncertain or conflicting guidance within an organization?

Assignment 1
How does one resolve ethical conflicts when dealing with uncertain or conflicting guidance within an organization?
Now that you have gained some insight to engineering ethics, consider your own personal code of ethics and what it might be based upon. Also, reflect on how your personal ethics might be in conflict with your current organization’s code of ethics or an organization with which you are familiar. As evident in the Enron scandal and others, personal and corporate codes of ethics may not always be in alignment. Is it possible to resolve this issue? Would you work for an organization that had dramatically different values than your own?
Describe the basis of your personal code of ethics. Then, note your current company, or one for which you wish to work (provide a link to their code of ethics). Finally, suggest where your own code of ethics is in agreement and where it is in conflict with the corporate set of ethics. Based on your learning in this course, how would you resolve conflicts between the two codes of ethics?
Be sure to support your post with specific references to the resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your references.
Side Note: Use a Company I wish to work for like maybe amazon google or Microsoft. This is only 1 page assignment.
Assignment 2:
Across all industries, allegations of ethical misconduct should be, and quite often are, taken seriously. Competing political and corporate interests sometimes muddy the playing field, and sometimes allegations do not reveal misconduct. There are many examples of people who were wrongly accused of unethical behavior. In these cases, despite being found innocent, it is likely that the accused’s reputation is damaged or even ruined. The best way to stay clear of being embroiled in a controversy is to be sure that you have a sound ethical foundation. Engineers must adopt both the Fundamental Principles and the Fundamental Canons of the Code of Ethics for Engineers. It is imperative that all decisions, particularly those involving the safety and well-being of others, be guided by this Code.
By reviewing case studies, you gain a better understanding of the week’s content. This week’s case studies are The Case of Cold Fusion at Texas A&M University and Computer Programs and Moral Responsibility. Review each case study thoroughly, choose one, and be sure to summarize the facts and main points in your journal entry.
For your Journal Entry Assignment, submit a 3- 4 page reflection responding to the following:
Part 1

  • Briefly summarize the case you chose focusing on the ethical issues that occurred and reference the code that existed at that time and/or for the country in question – this summary provides the foundation for how you have interpreted what existed and how decisions were made by the people involved in these tragic accidents

Part 2 – Note: Please base your responses only on the time period of the case.

  • Analyze the case keeping in mind the following: political climate, employment situation, economic issues, culture, gender and social issues, as well as the professional hierarchy in place at that time
  • Provide an explanation as to why the event(s) occurred and what processes may or may not have been followed at that time
  • Explain ethical ramifications based on the code you noted in Part 1
  • Remember to “close out the case” which means summarize how the case concluded (who or what was responsible, was restitution made, what were the lessons learned) – you must remember to “close out the case” because these tragic accidents are based on human error and your audience will want to know how the situation was “fixed” or resolved

Part 3

  • Explain lessons learned from your selected case study and how new regulations, codes, and practices (ethics hotlines, whistleblowing protections, etc.) may prevent future accidents
  • Explain how the lessons learned from your selected case study influence the ethics of today and suggest how business practices can be improved
  • Explain what processes are in place in your company, or a company with which you are familiar, and/or what new measures may be implemented

Select either case study:
The Case of Cold Fusion at Texas A&M University
Computer Programs and Moral Responsibility
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