Hot Research Topics in Computer Science

Technology keep changing every single day and there are issues that keep emerging every minute. Computer science being a science changes with technology and choosing an excellent topic in this area becomes difficult to most students.

The exponential growth in technology, demands for new innovative ideas in computer science over the years. In this case, computer science students have an obligation to get rid of obsolete ideas and outdated topics that have been researched over the years.

To most students, it becomes difficult and tricky to find new and innovative research topics in the field of computer science since it is vast. You don’t have to struggle in finding a research topic for your thesis, seek help from Elite academic brokers who have the best team working around the clock to ensure the best for their clients.

Students are advised to focus on the latest trends in computer science for an excellent thesis or research. Given below are the latest topics in computer science that you can choose from for your research project or thesis:

hot research topics in computer science

Data Mining

This is the use of a software to analyses large batches of data by discovering their relationship and patterns so as to predict future outcomes and help in solving problems.

This technique is used by most companies and businesses by using their data to seize new opportunities, mitigate risks and eventually solve problems.

The process or phase in data mining which include business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, modelling, evolution and finally deployment. This process is used to achieve the end results with raw data used.

To achieve this, there are various techniques used which include classification, clustering, regression, association rules, outer detection, sequential patterns and prediction. R-language and oracle data mining are the two most popular tools used in data mining by most companies.

There are many topics in data mining that students can choose to undertake for their thesis and projects. Given below is a list of a few latest topics in data mining. This include the following:

  • Voice based intelligent virtual assistance for windows
  • Diabetes prediction using data mining
  • Social media community using optimized clustering algorithm
  • Performance evaluation in virtual organizations using data mining and opinion mining
  • Biomedical data mining for web page relevance checking
  • A neuro-fuzzy agent based group decision HR system for candidate ranking
  • Artificial intelligence healthcare chatbot system
  • Detecting E Banking phishing using associative classification

Data mining can be used in various industries such as insurance, education, banking, ecommerce, communications, manufacturing and others.

Above are the few of the latest topics among the many in data mining that students can choose from for their research. Elite Academic Brokers has a professional team that can do extensive research in all these topics and other topics of your choice. You can contact us any time and will deliver quality work.

Cloud Computing

This is where data and programmes are stored over the internet instead of the hard drive in a computer and are retrieved on demand for users who need to access it. Cloud computing reduces costs of maintaining IT systems and protects data in most of the organizations.

There are three service models in cloud computing which include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The combination of these three provide a unique set of business requirements.

Cloud computing go hand in hand with virtualization, working together as virtualization is a key element of cloud computing.

They both ensure full utilization of the cloud because when combined they have a potential. Virtualization types in cloud computing include server virtualization, storage virtualization, application virtualization, network virtualization, data virtualization, desktop virtualization and others. Take note that virtualization is a very fundamental element in cloud computing.

Given below are the latest topics in cloud computing and they include:

  • Cloud load balancing
  • Green cloud computing
  • DevOps
  • Big Data
  • Cloud cryptography
  • Cloud Security
  • Edge computing
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Cloud deployment model
  • Containerization

Students can choose to do a research on any of the above topics which are among the latest.

 Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is a system where data reported and analysed is collected and managed from different sources within an organization. This ensures that data analytics is improved in an organization hence improving business intelligence and its competitiveness in the market.

The three types of data warehousing include enterprise data warehouse (EDW), operational data store and data mart. All these type data warehousing help decision makers who use large volumes of data and want to enhance performance in their organizations.

They are commonly used in different sectors such as public sector, telecommunication, airline, hospitality industry, banking, investment and insurance sector, healthcare and others.

There are many tools used in data warehousing but the commonly used include oracle, amazon redshift and marklogic. The functions of data warehousing tools include the following:

  • Data extraction
  • Data cleaning
  • Data transformation
  • Data loading
  • Refreshing

The above functions improve the quality of data and the results of data mining. Some of the thesis topics in data warehousing include:

  • Data power
  • Data leak
  • Data security
  • Data protection and encryption
  • Data mining technique

Internet of things (IoT)

This is a system where data is transferred over a network without the need of interaction between human to human or human to computer with interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people are provided.

Internet of things provides better efficiency since it saves on time. Given below are among the latest topics in internet of things:

  • 5G Networks and IoT
  • IoT and personal data protection
  • Sensor and actuator networks
  • Internet of Nano things
  • Artificial intelligence and IoT
  • Named data networking for IoT
  • Routing and control protocols

Internet of things is used in many different sectors to improve efficiency and this include manufacturing sector, healthcare sector, transportation sector, agricultural sector and environmental sector.

Big Data

Big Data is defined as the collection of large volume of data which structured, semi-structured and unstructured that grows at increasing rates.

The information extracted and the large volumes of data collected is analyzed for better decision making and efficiency in a business. The different types of big data include structured, unstructured and semi-structured.

The large volume of data has few characteristics which include volume, variety, velocity and variability. Big data is collected from different sources that include social media, streaming data which is from internet of things, publicly available data like European union open data portal and US government’s data and finally other big data from sources like cloud data, suppliers, customers and data lakes. The big data collection and implementation follows various steps and how they flow. This steps include the following:

  • Set a big data strategy
  • Identify big data sources
  • Access, manage and store the data
  • Analyze the data
  • Make data-driven decisions

All of the above steps are essential so as to achieve efficiency in an organization. Given below are among the few and latest topics in Big data. This include the following:

  • Big Data Adoption and Analytics of Cloud Computing Platforms
  • Efficient and Rapid Machine Learning Algorithms for Big Data and Dynamic Varying Systems
  • Privacy preserving big data publishing

Big data can be applied in different sectors like finance, manufacturing, education, healthcare and others. There is improved efficiency and reduced costs with the use of big data.

Therefore, you can choose any of the topics above and others not mentioned here to use in your thesis or research.

 Artificial Intelligence

This is the ability of machines referred to as smart machines to perform tasks that require human intelligence. This means that these machines designed can think and act like human beings.

The four approaches discussed in artificial intelligence include thinking humanly, thinking rationally, acting humanly and acting rationally.

Artificial intelligence reduces human error increasing accuracy, precision and speed. The two categories of Artificial intelligence are narrow artificial intelligence which is referred to as ‘weak’ and operate within a limited context and the other category is the artificial general intelligence also referred as ‘strong AI’.

Artificial Intelligence can be applied in various sectors and industries such as banking, health care, retail, manufacturing and others. This will help in solving various solutions in those sectors although there are certain challenges that will occur.

There are few latest topics discussed in artificial intelligence which include the following:

  • Robotics
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Algorithm game theory and computational mechanism design
  • Large scale machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Recommender systems

You can artificial intelligence for your research topic which will be discussed broadly by our professional writers at Elite Academic brokers.

Other of the hot and latest topics in computer science not discussed above include:

  • Machine learning
  • Image processing
  • Semantic web
  • Quantum computing
  • Bioinformatics

There are many other topics in the field of computer science that focus on the latest trends and will be perfect for your thesis and research work.

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