help creating a personal statement and 3 essay questions:

I need help creating a personal statement and 3 essay questions:
Essay Question 1: Undergoing a residency is very demanding and may require tasks that go beyond the usual expectations of the program.
a) Describe a past experience that would highlight your adaptability and flexibility in meeting your work/school related responsibilities.
b) Identify the residency work environment that you believe is essential in your success in the program. Explain in detail why this is important to you and how you plan to achieve it.
Essay Question 2: Part of the experience of working in a clinical setting involves interactions with a diverse environment of patients, office staff, students, and other physicians. Situations sometimes arise that involve ethical dilemmas or various types of conflict.
a) Discuss how you approach conflict resolution and ethical dilemmas.
b) Please cite an example from your own experience wherein you applied this approach.
Essay Question 3:
An important component of being a resident in a private clinic is developing your patient base. Please provide at least two specific ways on how you plan to approach this challenge.
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